December 01, 2008

Creative Business Online - Make Money Online With Rich Niche Blogging by Trond Lyngbø

General entertainment may be the most productive way for any site informing rather than selling. Some sites, on the other hand, do both selling and providing informative articles, including sites which sell products and ads like Amazon. Two preeminent examples of sites focusing on the entertainment niche are and, both highly successful websites. With blogging, the rules are somewhat different. This short guide explains the basics of making money online with an entertainment blog.

Blogging On What?

Usually you want to blog on the topics that excite you, because more often than not that will be your best writing. On the other hand, creating posts designed for high profit also works. Say you hate action TV shows, but actions shows are the rave. What do you do? It's still up to you, but in the end you can honestly do this for pay and do this for fun. If it's like pulling teeth, maybe you should ask someone else to do it (a guest blogger).

TV Show Reviewing:

Since TV shows were mentioned, let's go over blogging on them. This can mean writing blog posts on new characters in the shows, upcoming seasons being released on DVDs, certain genres of TV shows like action or horror, or even a new writer's strike. TV show reviewing is often the most lucrative field for entertainment blogging; few hate TV, many are hooked on it.

Other Reviewing:

Of course, entertainment sites like Salon and IGN also focus on books, anime, comics, and movies. Reviews take a special kind of skill to write, however, and doing them solely on your entertainment blog is a risk. Write on multiple subjects, and see what catches reader's interests.


Commentating on the latest stories in Hollywood is also quite lucrative. This isn't so much news, but offering what a newspaper opinion column does. News means "Just the Facts" while commentary lets you go into more personal experience with series. Say you're in love with science fiction shows; "Battlestar Galactica" and "Star Trek" are addictions to you. You can tap this vein of interest to find similar fans across the world. You can write opinion pieces like "10 Reasons Science Fiction Shows are Hot!" or "Why the Sci-Fi Channel is Working Miracles!"

Hot News:

One major aspect of all entertainment blogging is staying informed on not only what happened yesterday but what happened today. New TV series, new bestselling books from names like Stephen King or Dean Koontz, an action star like Will Smith or Bruce Willis signing up for the latest action film trilogy … these are all strong topics. You can find much of this out by simply opening up the entertainment section of a major newspaper, while also using the net for what it's meant for.

Make Money Blogging--How?

So how do you make money blogging with entertainment blogging? Often the most lucrative way to make money is simple ad sales; there are thousands of potential markets, from selling ad space for new movies to taking small commissions from items you've reviewed.

Film blogging is the rich niche nr 2.

Truly, film blogging is a hot commodity online today, mainly because so many of us love to watch a good film. It's the modern storytelling form, even more so today than the novel.

This guide not only offers clear topics, but some useful ways to make money blogging with an online career opportunity.

Choose a Genre, Choose Again:

Choosing a genre may seem simple to you. "I love horror!" Or "Anything with Johnny Depp!" First, remember there are likely film blogs on just about every topic you can imagine; it's been done so you need to offer something new. That means experience in good and bad films, a unique way of grading a film, and the willingness to blog continuously on the same topic. Sometimes, for the more experienced blogger, it's important to focus on a very specific niche. And actually, Horror Blogging or blogging on Johnny Depp are good examples.

The problem is the online world is full of them.

Unique Topics:

There are almost no topics left for film blogs. So choose one that you are willing to write on continuously, and one which will give you enough material to actually write on. Johnny Depp has only been in so many films, so if you plan to make money blogging, check that one.

On the other side, while there are hundreds of horror blogs, there are thousands of horror movies coming in from across the world, and a wide fan base. That's a good pick. So are most genres, from science fiction films to the more thriller type films like "Rambo" or "Jurassic Park."


You still need more topics, because many of these films will be years old and have no interest. That's why you may also consider using TV shows and even online shows which fall into your category of favorite films. Say you enjoy French films, and you start running out of the ones you've seen. France has television, France has TV shows. It's just to create more possibilities for content creation.

Make Money Blogging:

As with all entertainment blogging aspects, film blogging is a huge market, especially if you focus the niche on a specific topic. Horror blogging would of course get a host of movies, many of which need small fan based advertising--that's you. You can also sign up to be an affiliate with major sites selling movies, like Amazon and Barnes & Noble; this won't make you rich, but you will often get steady streams of sales. If you establish yourself as a film critic, there is the opportunity to write feature articles on major sites.


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