December 20, 2009

What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a relationship business; it is about helping people build a business or focusing on your customers for your products and services. Network Marketing really is an unseen business and it is all about sales.

It is businesses in which anyone can invest a small sum of money and through sheer tenacity achieve staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom. But it requires education based on market tested results.

Network Marketing does not have giant signs or large offices, yet according to the Direct Selling Association (DSA) over 13 million people in the U.S. are working in the network marketing / direct selling industry.

The Network Marketing / MLM industry has a very shady reputation. Many of the people you will talk to feel it is a scam. Are they justified in this opinion? In many ways they are justified, but you can make a difference with the way you market your business.

In the 1950s when Franchise first emerged they where labeled a scam, illegal etc. Fortunately a franchise is not labeled as such anymore or quite possibly you would not be enjoying your favorite hamburger today.

In network marketing there are reasonably priced products and services that people consume in a short time. Generally the commission structure is less up-front then the direct sales companies, but it has a benefit that most direct sales companies do not have and that is residual income:

  • It costs much less to get involved with this form of business, a few hundred dollars.
  • Allows more people to become involved.
  • Builds Residual Income.
  • Leverages the time of others.

Network marketing is all about sales and distribution, but a different kind of sales. It's more of a soft sale or recommendation then the hard closing type that you're accustomed to with the typical salesman or saleswoman in the direct sales. The best approach by far in network marketing is a consultative sales approach. This is used very successfully today.


  1. networking marketing : networking=jaringan, marketing= pemasaran.

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