February 22, 2010

Entrepreneurial spirit is marked by a personal commitment to be independent

It turned out that entrepreneurship must also include values, skills (ability) and the person's behavior in dealing with life's challenges and opportunities for pursuing trends and environmental changes with the various risks that may be encountered among the reforms include a change, change shape, and introduce new approaches.
For example: if someone has an idea to open a new business then he would seek other factors that could push it. Encouragement is dependent on several other factors as well as following the model of the process of pioneering and entrepreneurship development as described above which include: the process of innovation, triggering processes, the process of implementation and the process of growth.
Furthermore, according to Bygrave (1994: 10) in entrepreneurship, there are 3 (three) main components that must be carefully before opening a new business, namely: "There are three components for a Crucial succesfull new business: the opportunity, the entrepreneur (and the management team) and the resources needed to start the company and make it grow) ".
Of the three components of the above in mind that so much uncertainty in opening new businesses, the uncertainty among entrepreneurs who have ideas to establish new business opportunities that he had hoped, then the entrepreneur, the opportunities with the available resources, both human resources and resources non-human.
Entrepreneurial spirit is marked by a personal commitment to be independent, achieve something desirable, avoiding dependence on others to be more productive and to maximize our potential.
Someone who has a mental traits are expected to encourage entrepreneurship to create additional wealth, skills and utilizing existing resources and be able to make products or goods seuatu become more value than ever, but it was courage to bear the risk that the value of entrepreneurship is full of risk taking realistic calculation, and obtained great satisfaction if successful in carrying out his duties in a realistic, too.

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