March 23, 2011

Sueña Conmigo Capitulo 142

Sueña Conmigo Capitulo 142. Hello friends here we bring you the latest chapter in his telenovelaSuena Conmigo or in english is Dream With Me Chapter 142 to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home.

Synopsis Sueña Conmigo :
The story chronicles the life of Clara Molina, a teenager whose parents are separated and Luca Grossi, a man willing to do anything to fulfill his dream. Clara attended private schools, Las Colinas and Luca received a scholarship to study at the school thanks to Teresa's sister's boyfriend, Rafael is a professor of music. Clara lives with her father, owner of the famous oil. His mother is a very famous actress and to work, can never with his daughter. When Lucas came to Las Colinas creates with his friends, Ivan, Gonzalo Mauro and Bottle, the band Remote voiced by Luca and Clara rival's girlfriend, Marcia Lima. On the other hand, the city was doing casting for a reality show I'm in. You Super Star, like Clark a lot of attention but do not let his father take part, so it does not register on behalf of Pop and Roxy hide the identity of the costume. Marcia also want to join the reality so as to participate Luca left the band. When are auditions reality that night and started with a rousing first, only shares of Clara / Roxy and Marcia are preferred by the public.
See your soap in the best definition audio and video with great quality. See Sueña Conmigo Capitulo 142 on March 22, 2011. Greetings !.

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