May 28, 2011

Cielo Rojo Capitulo 7

Cielo Rojo Capitulo 7. Cielo Rojo tells the passionate love story, especially Alma's character (Edith González), a woman is beautiful, dynamic, confident and on his past, we are told that Alma's character has a great love of the man who named Andres Renteria (Mauricio Islas) , but later turned out to be separate destiny love them both.

20 years later, Alma is ready to reclaim the daughter (Alejandra Lazcano) he had with Andrew in the past and snatched up by his mother (Regina Torne). He now lives in turn bitter about marrying a woman (Andrea Noli) that is not love and a very confidential.

Andrew and Alma met again, and meeting them eventually reap the storm, many obstacles that ultimately block their meetings, especially intrigue that revolves around anger, regret, greed, mistakes, fraud, deceit and endless setbacks, the most important of all this story is: Daniela - their daughter, then finally fell in love with Sebastian (Lambda Garcia).

Watch aired Cielo Rojo Capitulo 7, then you can find out more about Alma's story, Daniela and Sebastian next. Make sure you get valuable information from this place, thank you for your attention.

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