June 15, 2011

Bajo el Alma Capítulo 14

Bajo el Alma Capítulo 14. Hello friends of all, welcome to my dear friends on the blog News Online Movie Info, I will provide information about serving Bajo el Alma capítulo 7. On next day, June 16, 2011 will be aired Bajo el Alma capítulo 14. Impressions Bajo el Alma will be conducted every Monday to Friday, delivery will start at 10:30. Bajo el Alma telenovela produced by TV Azteca 7. Parenting guides will be needed in each impression adults, thus children will be spared from the possibility of the stories are less suitable for their age.

Bajo el Alma telenovela starring Matias Novoa y Bárbara de Regil and Giovanna (Bárbara de Regil) and Diego (Matias Novoa.) In Bajo el Alma will tell the story of love the main character, competition, intrigue, jealousy, smoldering resentment, social status (rich and poor), quarrels and jealous envy, compassion, anger forth.

Bajo el Alma core stories that can be learned is that life is a constant struggle to achieve what we dream and protect what you love. Watch the continued delivery of Bajo El Alma capitulo 14, and on June 16, 2011 will be aired.

Best wishes for your family, hope you are pleased with the information I give you this, good work and wish you success always. Just keep reminding you do not forget to watch aired Bajo el Alma capítulo 14 on June 16, 2011.

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