June 16, 2011

El Joe La Leyenda Capítulo 13

El Joe La Leyenda is a telenovela in Colombia for RCN Television, produced by Guillermo Restrepo, created and written by Andres Salgado and Natalia Ospina and directed by Luna Herney. It is based and inspired by the life and music and salsa singer Alvaro Jose Arroyo Cartagena folk music known as Joe Arroyo and protaginzada by actor and model and actress Yair Romero Estefania Borge antagonist starring Andres Suarez as the main villain telenovela. And now the most watched soap operas and exceed the high rankings across the country.

El Joe La Leyenda airing first dated May 30, 2011, aired every Monday to Friday after Chepe Fortuna with airtime: 09:30, on 16 June 2011 will be stepping on impressions El Joe La Leyenda Capítulo 13. still watch serving El Joe La Leyenda from El Joe La Leyenda Capítulo 1 and now El Joe La Leyenda Capítulo 13 to beyond.

Telenovela El Joe La Leyenda presented with the video quality, especially high-quality audio visual, stay on this blog for information about El Joe La Leyenda Capítulo 13 will be given updates and hopefully useful to all of you.

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