June 04, 2011

Wedding Tips and Favorite Wedding Style 2011

Wedding Tips and Favorite Wedding Style 2011. Favorite Wedding Style 2011.Every bride (a young couple bride, elderly bride) in different parts of the world appear in different style on his special day. Ranging from contemporary to traditional nuance. Preparing for marriage are not merely thinking about a wedding dress but for all matters relating to marriage can be implemented well then it helps you make a list of Pre Marriage (Wedding Preparation List). In this list will include Wedding Budget for wedding clothes, meals/catering, flowers, accommodation or anything related to marriage such as wedding invitations, gift / souvenir wedding, pre wedding photos, special wedding rings, bridesmaid dress/wedding dresses, or place of marriage as a favorite marriage or marriage in a building outside the building with the concept of beach wedding, garden wedding) for making simple things it's good for those of you who have a budget surplus to hire a wedding with wedding planner, with a wedding planner, all matters relating to marriage ranging from theme and schedule what should be done the first time in preparation will be arranged with a good marriage.

Talking about a lot of wedding dress designers who make the world's favorite wedding dress more beautiful and attractive with a fantastic price, including the world's favorite designers: Valentino, Vera Wang, Giorgio Armani, Bruce Oldfield (Lady Diana's favorite designer), Shala Moradi, Sophie Cranston, Sarah Burton to Alexander McQueen, Jenny Packham. The designers had been poor across the world won a variety of figures such as Angelina Jolie, and partner grandest wedding of the royal wedding in 2011 that is Kate Middleton

The following is a favorite wedding style 2011 from various countries in the whole world:
India, In India, the bride wore a special dress called lehnga in traditional marriage. They also wear bracelets and headdresses that makes the look more festive.
China, In Jinan, the bride wore a red dress as a symbol of good luck.
South Pacific, In the South Pacific islands like Hawaii, the couple wearing traditional clothing called the Tongan for their wedding ceremony.
Morocco, Moroccan brides often decorate their hands with henna tattoo, and change clothes several times during the wedding ceremony.
Ethiopia, In Ethiopia, bride daub their faces with red clay mixed with butter.
Japan, White wedding kimono called shiromuku is one of the traditional bride's dress in the land of the Rising Sun.

Make sure your wedding memorable, then first you have to do much preparation, look for a lot of wedding tips in various media such as internet, magazines, newspapers, television as a reference.

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