August 10, 2011

10 beautiful women in world from movie stars

10 beautiful women in world from movie stars. You probably already know a lot of beautiful women in the world came from these artists, even some of you already know through their professions as diligently as they have a professional artist singers, movie stars, models and so even an artist by profession has become a box office movie star Hollywood. Recently a site that is reputable has launched a number of beautiful women from 99 selection of the most beautiful women of the world and narrowed it down to 10 beautiful women of the world, here are 10 beautiful women in world from from movie stars of version:

1. Emmanuelle Chriqui

2. Marisa Miller
3. Kate Beckinsale

4. Alessandra Ambrosio

5. Jessica Alba

6. Beyonce
7. Penelope Cruz

8. Cheryl Cole

9. Eva Mendez

10. Miranda Kerr

That's 10 beautiful women the world has become a mainstay of Hollywood box office movies (even be a brand ambassador at the famous Victoria's Secret underwear) such as Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Eva Mendez, Kate Backinsale, Jessica Alba, Penelope Cruz, Cheryl Cole, Alessandra Ambrisio and Marissa Miller.

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