September 08, 2011

James Bond ready to fight back : Location filming in India and South Africa

James Bond ready to fight back. Most of the images for the film will be taken in India. A pre-film production company in Delhi told the BBC that local government has given permission for producers to take pictures in three cities: Mumbai, Delhi and Goa.

In this upcoming film, which is the 23 Bond films, director Sam Mendes - famous by "American Beauty (1999) - would intervene. The film that has not had a title it will be enjoyed by a wide audience on 9 November 2012. Another report states that some scenes will take place in South Africa.

In addition to borrowing the old market site that hustle and bustle of Delhi, the next Bond film will also try out the halls of the flea market in the same city.

However, Pravesh Sahni, one of the producers, said that Mendes prefers Mumbai as the location shooting rather than Delhi. "They want to snatch the atmosphere of the streets of India to assert all-solid state," he said.

Given the opportunity, India recorded twice into the background after the first Bond film through "Octopussy," which was released in June 28 years ago.

In 1983, "Octopussy" explore the rooms of a palace in Udaipur, India, with displays of local tennis star, Vijay Amrithraj.

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