February 15, 2010

Entrepreneurs part I

The term self-employment appears later after and as the equivalent of entrepreneurs since the beginning some people are still not sufficient for a private word. Perceptions of entrepreneurship as the entrepreneur as the equivalent of entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship). The difference is the emphasis on self-reliance (private) on the self-employed and in business (business) to entrepreneurial. The term entrepreneur is used more and more people, especially because it's emphasis on the business side. However given the challenges faced by young people at this time many in the field of employment, then the entrepreneurial education leads to the survival and independence should be more highlighted.
Entrepreneurial perceptions now includes both financial and personal aspects, social, and professional, in the entrepreneurial attitude and behavior have someone in to do an activity. Given that entrepreneurship has a broad scope and dynamic nature. As the emphasis of the definition of entrepreneurship is the existence of a process and something new as a result of creativity coupled with a certain risk.

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