February 18, 2010

Entrepreneurs part II

Entrepreneurial characteristics presented by the experts showed that the core characteristics of an entrepreneur is creativity. So an entrepreneur must have been a creative person. Thus, entrepreneurship as a creative properties owned by a person to perform activities in the environment.
One of the main keys to the success of entrepreneurial self-employment will require the involvement itself continually, entrepreneurs must have the entrepreneurial traits as mentioned above, but it would be relatively more adequate when an entrepreneur in acting is complemented by managerial skills and personality are relevant to the anticipation which must be done at the time of running the wheel business.

In general, entrepreneurship should include a variety of things including: values, skills (ability) and the person's behavior in dealing with life's challenges and opportunities for pursuing trends and environmental changes with the various risks that may be encountered among the reforms include a change, change shape, and introduce an approach -a new approach.

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