April 17, 2011

Aurora Capitulo 116 : April 18, 2011

Aurora Capitulo 116, will air Tuesday, April 18, 2011. I am really waiting for this episode, because i miss watching the episode yesterday and have not had time to watch it online.

At Aurora Capitulo 100 episode with the episode title kalos summary of the past and live the week told tthat the weekly summary of the history of a love that magic freeze for 20 years now and return the fight between the past and present, in the aurora face ... how the rest of the story then you can find the answer to the Aurora Capitulo111 impressions? Did you watch the serving Aurora Capitulo 111? I Happen to not watch this episode aired, are you willing to share information about this episode aired? Make sure you provide useful information for me, I wait for the information, okay!

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