April 17, 2011

La Reina del sur capitulo 36

Beautiful and sunny morning friends all, how are you today?, I hope you are in a state of fine, this morning I brought the news to you about serving telenovela La Reina del sur capitulo 36 which will be aired on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

In impressions sur La Reina del capitulo 30 with the episode title Which love death aired April 8, That Recount: Teresa is dying in his arms, Fatima, innocent victim of the tracks and enemies of the queen.

On display telenovela Reina del sur la capitulo 31 also still discussing the continuation problem in la Reina del sur capitulo 30, but the impressions sur la Reina del capitulo 32 you will find many other important events about the story twists lika figures Teresa Mendoza.Well friends, I hope you all find success and should never miss telenovela aired this la Reina del sur.

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