April 18, 2011

Eminem and Rihanna : Love the Way You Lie part 2 and Sasha Grey in Space Bound

Here's one rapper who became my husband's favorite since long, who else if not Eminem!. Eminem is a controversial white rapper, Eminem's recent recovery has released an album containing songs such as Not Afraid, Space Bound and Love the Way You Lie which sung wit Rihanna. Both this song to be one example of how powerful the lyrics and music that is processed in the album, two songs in the album Eminem which is Recovery is so explosive and holds high rank in a number of charts in the world.

Come back Eminem into the world of entertainment into its own facilities for a successful recovery in addition to Eminem's album has become one of the rapper, who scored many hit songs since 2008. The plan for the song Love the Way You Lie will be a sequel with the title Love the Way You Lie part 2 is still going to sing a duet with Rihanna. Between Love the Way You Lie and Love the Way You Lie part 2 will have a red thread story with the first song, but this time from the viewpoint of the girl. Emotional lyrics of the song Love the Way You Lie part 2 has been released by Eminem's management team is: "Even angels have wings cut Their schemes, and you Take That to new extremes, but you will of always be my hero, even though you lost your mind .

The plan also "Love The Way You Lie (Part 2)" will be included in Rihanna's latest album, which he titled Loud. Rihanna album will be released on November 16, 2011, and Eminem will be loaded as a collaborator in the song. Producer Love the Way You Lie part 2 is still held by the British producer of Alex Da Kid, who is also the producer of the Love the Way You Lie. Does the Video clip Love the Way You Lie part 2, sexy actress Megan Fox in Transformers is still going to be involved, we wait for the release of this single!.

It is remarkable indeed Recovery of Eminem's album, the packaging not only on the music and lyrics but made with trim video clips, one example is for a new single hits Space Bound, not only in the story title but also his model was also chosen selectively, this time to models in Space Bound starring porn star Sasha Grey is renowned Americans. We wait also a video for the single hits Eminem "Space Bound" property.

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