April 18, 2011

Triunfo del amor capitulo 126

April 18, 2011 will be aired Triunfo del amor capitulo 126, you have to watch the love story between the characters Triunfo del amor telenovela. The following is interesting facts in Triunfo del amor :

This is Perroni and Levy's second appearance as the star couple in a telenovela. Initially the female role of "Triunfo del Amor" was vacant. During the casting, Mejia was bombarded with thousands of messages, in a popular social network website, from Perroni and Levy fans, asking him to reunite them. Their chemistry on "Cuidado con el Angel" had been magical. After Maite returned from her Brazil musical tour, Producer Mejia contacted her and offered her the role. The actress finally accepted the offer. Producer Salvador Mejia had helped his wife and executive producer of "Cuidado con el Angel", (Nathalie Lartilleux) during her casting of that telenovela.
It is also the second time that Victoria Ruffo and Osvaldo Rios appear together as a telenovela couple. Ruffo and Rios worked together in "Abrazame muy fuerte" which was also produced by Mejia. After numerous attempts from the fans to reunite her with former telenovela co-star Cesar Evora, he had to turn the offer down because he was shooting the telenovela "Llena de Amor" at the time. Cesar was the priest "Juan de la Cruz" in the previous version of the telenovela "Cristal" entitled "El Privilegio de Amar".

Actress (Andrea Garcia) who plays the role of Ofelia, is the daughter of Andres Garcia who played Andres Duval, the role that Osvaldo Rios plays in "Triunfo del Amor". Actress Helena Rojo made two special appearances in the telenovela. She played the same role that Victoria Ruffo plays, as Luciana Duval in the 1998 version of "Cristal" entitled "El Privilegio de Amar".

In the first episode she appears on stage at one of Victoria Sandoval's fashion shows and hands the famous fashion designer flowers. On her second appearance she plays herself, a popular actress whom Osvaldo greets on his way to work. This second scene takes place on episode number eight of "Triunfo del amor".

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