May 11, 2011

El Quipo Capitulo 5

You want other alternatives besides loving telenovela drama simmering? Today Televisa offer exciting story full of action with the title El Equipo. El Quipo will be aired from Monday to Friday, at 10.00 pm, the following is a summary of the story of El Equipo:

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A team of Federal Police who take risks every day life and death, the task of the police is to protect and serve the community. in doing the job the police are always without compromise because they have a mission to uphold justice. Struggle, sacrifice in combating crime diselipi by unforeseen events.

El Equipo stories in this series also tells the story of the business, values ​​and love of each individual included in the team both male and female. The story in El Equipo series inspired by real events, full of adventure, action and love and is expected to be a Blockbuster.

The story focuses on a serial El Equipo is Santiago, Fermin, Magda and Matthew, who at one point in his life made ​​the decision to become the Federal Police.

In each chapter team solve different situations where we see the process of intelligence, operations and arrest the perpetrators, at the same time that the characters must confront their feelings and resolve their own problems of everyday life. Please enjoy the exciting stories in the series El Equipo.

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