May 10, 2011

Triunfo del amor capitulo 142

Triunfo del amor capitulo 142. How are things? Hopefully the good news is always with us? Stepping aired Triunfo del amor capitulo 142 that will be aired today on May 10, 2011, as a whole will be revealed about the continuation of the story of Bernarda.

It is told in advance about lunge kick especially regarding Bernarda wants John Paul to be complicit in their crimes. Then the continuation of her story as follows: Naty (Susana Diazayas) learns that there is no cure for the disease Alonso (Mark Tacher). Heriberto (César Évora) Thank you very much Victoria (Victoria Ruffo) for having accepted his invitation to dinner. She replied that she could not refuse, because he saved her life. Alonso takes a bouquet of flowers to Mary (Maite Perroni). She and Max (William Levy) are surprised. Bernarda (Daniela Romo) berates Chente (Vicente Fernández Jr.) telling him how long he will continue giving can with the same. He replied that until his godmother. Agustina talk to Jim (Dominika Paleta), he says he'll be on your side and you will have everything that happens.

Then the story continues on : Heriberto Victoria asks if you think your daughter may become a mother, he is thoughtful. Alonso asks Max if he no longer wants and Mary or Maria no longer love him. Juan Pablo (Diego Olivera) talks with Alonso, he says he hopes you've already found the results of their studies. Juan Pablo berates Bernarda, not wanting to be complicit in their crimes. Max tells Mary not then marry him.

What about the next story in this Triunfo del amor capitulo 141? Find the answers only in serving Triunfo del amor capitulo 142 that will be aired today on May 10, 2011. Have fun!.

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