May 16, 2011

Indonesia and Sumatra are the Two Band Rock From Russia

Indonesia and Sumatra are the Two Band Rock From Russia. Who would have thought was the name of Indonesia and Sumatra is taken to be the names of rock bands from Russia. Indonesian band formed in Saint Petersburg in the autumn of 2007. The band Indonesia is reinforced by the Coal (vocals), Santa (bass), Charlie (drums) and Demian (guitar). The band with the name of Indonesia, was chosen to rock and has taken inspiration from groups such as Led Zeppelin, AC / DC, Nirvana, Dream Theater, Deftones, up to Porcupine Tree. One of the latest song released by Indonesia which is titled Against My Father. Besides Against My Father, Band Indonesia made ​​a few other songs including Pretty Colour, Maybe Tomorrow.

Then Band Sumatra is also a rock band such as Indonesia and both come from Russia!, some songs that have been produced by the Sumatra including Final Repentance, Heliocratic Infinity, From Cross To Flame, Satan's Slave and many more. If you all want the videos and songs from Indonesia and Sumatra, you can download on Youtube.
Maybe some of you people of Indonesia ask, what exactly is the relationship these two rock bands with the Republic of Indonesia (which is also in its territory includes the island of Sumatra)? To my knowledge both bands (Indonesia and Sumatra) pure norelevance whatsoever,because both the original band from Russia. However, any news on this forward we'll see.

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