May 16, 2011

Zynga With Farmville and Lady Gaga together to Celebrate New Album Born This Way

Now fans the songs of Lady Gaga or fans of Farmville can work together to Celebrate New Album "Born This Way". Lady Gaga album titled Born This Way will launch on May 17, 2011 tomorrow.

The cooperation forged between Zynga With Channel's iHeartRadio covers Zynga Game Cards with Free Album, Friends With Words "Words with Gaga" Contest, and Limited Edition Virtual Items in RewardVille.

Quoted from the Press Room Zynga that the full album of Born This Way is owned by Lady Gaga Also comes bundled as a free download with the purchase of a special Zynga's $ 25 game cards, available exclusively at Best Buy.

The program reaches across Zynga games and across platforms. Words With Friends, the popular mobile social games available iPhone, iPad, as well as Android devices, earnest features a daily "Words with Gaga" contest, giving players a chance to win prizes Gaga Including tickets to an upcoming concert and a signed copy of "Born This Way." Zynga is Also rewarding players with limited edition Lady Gaga virtual items on for Them to enjoy across the Zynga games They love to play.

The program runs May 17 through May 26. Elements of the program include: GagaVille in Farmville, Exclusive Access to Music, Special $ 25 Zynga Game Cards, Win a Day "On the set with Gaga, Words With Friends" Words with Gaga "Contest and Lady Gaga Virtual Items on RewardVille and beyond.

Previous Farmville has a lot of work with many stakeholders such as American Express, Prito Lay as the company that produces Lays, Sun Chips and Tostitos and much more.

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