June 09, 2011

Rafaela Capitulo 94

Rafaela Capitulo 94. Juni 9, 2011 Rafaela telenovela episode will air capitulo 94, previously :

Rafaela (Scarlett Ortiz) go to Charity (Patricia Reyes Spindola) asks what happens, and she replied, worried that Luli (Sarai Meza) and Goyito (Emmanuel Chikota) are missing, Rafaela is surprised by the news. Luli and Goyito are desperate, they are back with the man chasing them.
José María (Jorge Poza) with tears in her eyes, she wondered why you do suffer Rafaela, and feels she is punishing. Rafaela police discovered in a sign that says they are looking for, Charity says that surely was José María, she confesses that it will never notice him, it made her suffer too much in the past. José María, shredded, you agree that was a crook with Rafaela, but realizes that he or she loves and wants to return to her.

Rafaela Charity confesses that she owns half of the house of the de la Vega, thanks to Rafael (Rogelio Guerra) told him she is surprised. Mireya (Chantal Andere) tells Morelia (Diana Bracho) the best thing for everyone is that Rafaela had stayed in Chiapas, but not anxiety Morelia. Angel (Ruben Zamora) is reunited with her very happy Rafaela and hugs, José María is happening and find them, are surprising. Morelia says you have to recover what is theirs. Keep Watching Rafaela Capitulo 94.

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